Woman unaware for weeks she had winning €33M ticket in her purse!

The 45-year-old, who has not been named, was the lucky only winner of the 9th June draw in taken in Germany. She had continued to “carelessly” carry her good fortune around despite correctly guessing the seven fields on the German lottery ticket – and has vowed to never play again while taking advantage of her […]

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Posted: 08:22 6th Aug 2021

Family travelling 300 miles for son’s treatment win £1m

A family have landed a £1 million EuroMillions win -This amazing jackpot win can now allow planning to help transform and enhance their family life of their young disabled son who was born with scoliosis. The Devonshire family, say the jackpot means they can buy a bigger house and car to help care for their […]

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Posted: 11:56 10th May 2021

ONE ticket holder claimed the record-breaking €210M

It’s been revealed that ONE lucky SWISS EuroMillions player claimed the record breaking €210M jackpot! The player took home the huge prize after the pot rolled over an incredible five times. The jackpot prize reached its 210-million-euro cap – meaning it could not climb any higher than the estimated €210M value in sterling, following the […]

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Posted: 15:19 3rd Mar 2021

UK ticket-holder started 2021 winning the £39m jackpot

One lucky UK ticket-holder has started the new year by winning New Years entire £39m EuroMillions jackpot. The winning numbers were 16, 28, 32, 44 and 48 with the lucky stars of 1 and 9. Ten more players secured £1m each in the special New Year’s Day Millionaire Maker drawand are being urged to check […]

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Posted: 15:13 7th Jan 2021