Lottery $10million prize won twice by same man


A man from New York has won a $10 million lottery prize for the second time in three years. The New Yorker defies odds of 1:3.52million to win a second $10 million prize earlier this month.

Juan Hernandez, of Uniondale in Nassau County, won the grand prize in the New York Lottery’s Deluxe scratch-off game for the second time in three years. The Nassau County man claimed his $10,000,000 scratch-off game prize in cash.

‘I’m still trying to spend the $10 million I won in ’19,’ Hernandez said in a statement shared by the New York Lottery.

Hernandez, retired and originally from Uniondale, took home his first $10 million prize after winning in 2019. He played a $350,000,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. During his first win, he said, ‘The first thing I will do is pay off the mortgage on my house’.

He bought his most recent winning ticket at Stop & Shop in Hempstead in Long Island. Hernandez opted to withdraw his winnings in a single lump sum and took home $6,510,000 after government withholdings. He donated a portion of these winnings to truck drivers.

“People like you are an inspiration to all”

Soon after, truck drivers began posting on Hernandez’s Facebook page expressing thanks for his donations. Truck driver Wesley Hunter from Texas posted: ‘Since your monetary donation I have been able to get a new truck and get back to work after months of struggling. People like you are an inspiration to all.’

Hernandez said he will continue to donate his money to different causes.

Hernandez is not the only doubly lucky lottery player in the US. A retired utility worker from Maryland won a second $2million prize when he played at a gas station in 2021. He planned to use the money to improve his home and take a family vacation.

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