Woman unaware for weeks she had winning €33M ticket in her purse!


The 45-year-old, who has not been named, was the lucky only winner of the 9th June draw in taken in Germany. She had continued to “carelessly” carry her good fortune around despite correctly guessing the seven fields on the German lottery ticket – and has vowed to never play again while taking advantage of her lucky windfall to live a more healthy life. A woman who carried a winning lottery ticket worth almost €33m (£28m) in her purse for weeks without realising says she still becomes “dizzy” at the thought of what she did.

She has now vowed that is no reason to play the €1.20 (£1) ticket lottery again and intends to use her lucky windfall to live a healthy life and do more for the environment. She added the win was “more than enough for my husband, my daughter and me” so that she would not need to play again in the future but be grateful for what she had won.The 45-year-old mum of one she was not planning to give the lottery another go after her multi-million pound win. She said the jackpot was “more than enough for my husband, my daughter and me”, according to Lotto Bayern.

The company said the 45-year-old aimed to put her winnings towards living a healthy life and doing more for the environment. We read stories about people who don’t think it could happen to them and not check their ticket sooner; Back in 2018, a man said he had left his winning EuroMillions ticket – worth £76M – in his van for six weeks before checking to see if he had won.

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