TattsLotto winner nearly loses her $852k prize by HANGING UP


A surprised TattsLotto winner nearly lost her winning $852k prize by HANGING UP the phone on officials worried that she was being scammed, the woman was 1 of 7 division 1 winners in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw, She said the $852k money would go towards a new hoover that she’s had her eye on and treat herself to some jewellery, the winning numbers were 42, 2, 7, 28, 16, 30. Supplementary numbers were 22, 35.

After the winner from Altona Meadows in Melbourne’s south-west hung up the phone she went to check her numbers, she then immediately realised she did in fact hold 1 of the 7 division 1 winning entries in the TattsLotto draw 4159; She called the shocked officials back to apologise and explain that she had only just hopped out of bed when she answered the phone. ‘Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I have only just woke up and I thought it must be some kind of scam or joke, so I hung up,’ she laughed. ‘I checked my ticket online just then and knew I had to call you straight back. This isn’t even registering right now. I can’t believe this.’ When asked how she would spend her winnings, the woman said it would speed up her retirement plans. Being in lockdown at the moment, the couple said that they can’t do too much in a way of celebrations, so perhaps get some takeaway and crack open a bottle of wine tonight,’ she said.

The winning ticket was bought at Central Lotto at Central Square Shopping Centre in Altona Meadows, the store owner was thrilled to hear about the win. ‘This is the 2nd division 1 winning entry we have sold in 2 months,’ he said. He also said he has sold 30 division 1 winning tickets over the past 20 years. ‘Congratulations to our winner. We hope this is the beginning of a very bright future,’ he added.

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