Draw No: 0041, Draw Date: 22 May 2020
Drawn Numbers








Jackpot : €28,200,000
No. of Matches No. of Winners Prize Fund
Match 5 and 2 Stars €28,245,445.75 0 €0.00
Match 5 and 1 Star €0.00 0 €0.00
Match 5 €55,708.20 13 €724,206.60
Match 4 and 2 Stars €806.20 53 €42,728.60
Match 4 and 1 Star €93.40 842 €78,642.80
Match 3 and 2 Stars €33.90 2,454 €83,190.60
Match 4 €39.00 1,496 €58,344.00
Match 2 and 2 Stars €8.70 33,464 €291,136.80
Match 3 and 1 Star €9.00 36,229 €326,061.00
Match 3 €8.70 69,542 €605,015.40
Match 1 and 2 Stars €4.60 158,074 €727,140.40
Match 2 and 1 Star €4.60 501,493 €2,306,867.80
Match 2 €3.80 970,925 €3,689,515.00
Total 1,774,585 €8,932,849.00
Winning Raffle numbers – Each wins €500.00
BVJF97970 BVJG83149 BVJH07968 BVJH70396
BVJJ84068 BVJV29620 BVJV35156 BVJV48049
BVKF95881 BVKF98815 BVKJ07309 BVKM25987
BVKM74363 BVKQ27668 BVKQ47786 BVKQ48535
BVKQ52941 BVKQ63584 BVKR05738 BVKR08389
BVKR14855 BVKR20748 BVKR22596 BVKR37907
BVKR55396 BVKS05252 BVKS39589 BVKS45652
BVKT34431 BVKV29415 BVKV57270 BVKV61046
BVKV70863 BVKV98789 BVKW25126 BVKW91697
BVKX51030 BVKX53007 BVKZ10775 BVKZ74350
BVKZ75796 BVLB63131 BVLB81737 BVLB93250
BVLB98613 BVLC00284 BVLC06770 BVLC16571
BVLC17367 BVLC24355 BVLC25504 BVLC32630
BVLC33028 BVLC35154 BVLC41247 BVLC41381
BVLC45691 BVLC48564 BVLC54918 BVLC55759
BVLC58519 BVLC59205 BVLC59785 BVLC64049
BVLC72002 BVLC72280 BVLC81910 BVLC86350
BVLC96032 BVLC97566 BVLC97754 BVLD00217
BVLD06524 BVLD07311 BVLD11828 BVLD14015
BVLD16991 BVLD28648 BVLD29430 BVLD31415
BVLD31844 BVLD34879 BVLD42355 BVLD47344
BVLD56038 BVLD56667 BVLD56977 BVLD58655
BVLD63101 BVLD80437 BVLD91591 BVLD93890
BVLF04154 BVLF18389 BVLF21333 BVLF22123
BVLF25986 BVLF37043 BVLF41213 BVLF45384
BVLF48296 BVLF50236 BVLF53274 BVLF53522
BVLF54788 BVLF66579 BVLF66723 BVLF72536
BVLF79044 BVLF83977 BVLF94113 BVLF98679
BVLG00709 BVLG05562 BVLG14261 BVLG20125
BVLG22028 BVLG23811 BVLG29663 BVLG30314
BVLG32039 BVLG50495 BVLG58360 BVLG62704
BVLG64949 BVLG70644 BVLG71981 BVLG86663
BVLG97049 BVLG98181 BVLH02904 BVLH06017
BVLH06090 BVLH07514 BVLH09582 BVLH18188
BVLH18670 BVLH27477 BVLH30185 BVLH33576
BVLH39816 BVLH50126 BVLH50674 BVLH53034
BVLH61257 BVLH61887 BVLH64768 BVLH72364
BVLH81582 BVLH81911 BVLH84337 BVLH86799
BVLH88923 BVLH93489 BVLH96046 BVLH98571
BVLJ02899 BVLJ05063 BVLJ06752 BVLJ08733
BVLJ10460 BVLJ12706 BVLJ16607 BVLJ18796
BVLJ34004 BVLJ37664 BVLJ40344 BVLJ43905
BVLJ51263 BVLJ55332 BVLJ56450 BVLJ56577
BVLJ57350 BVLJ65968 BVLJ71878 BVLJ80082
BVLJ84053 BVLJ84588 BVLJ85046 BVLJ86470
BVLJ90186 BVLJ91281 BVLJ92294 BVLJ93412
BVLJ95293 BVLJ95916 BVLK08564 BVLK08747
BVLK12525 BVLK16730 BVLK17866 BVLK33460
BVLK35977 BVLK39951 BVLK46122 BVLK52403
BVLK52984 BVLK57739 BVLK61417 BVLK69479
BVLK70543 BVLK71469 BVLK71591 BVLK77392
BVLK79545 BVLK84629 BVLK87958 BVLK88520
BVLK96033 BVLL02001 BVLL15311 BVLL17256
BVLL25457 BVLL26830 BVLL37415 BVLL41253
BVLL43871 BVLL45551 BVLL48227 BVLL50899
BVLL51255 BVLL57061 BVLL57167 BVLL61157
BVLL63404 BVLL64277 BVLL74716 BVLL75440
BVLL76288 BVLL76729 BVLL76889 BVLM00402
BVLM00478 BVLM04462 BVLM10835 BVLM17069
BVLM18844 BVLM19522 BVLM19722 BVLM23052
BVLM27660 BVLM28126 BVLM30189 BVLM30767
BVLM30988 BVLM42671 BVLM54649 BVLM58621
BVLM73001 BVLM73160 BVLM76951 BVLM81482
BVLM87619 BVLM91194 BVLN03145 BVLN03549
BVLN03855 BVLN05600 BVLN07286 BVLN11400
BVLN12558 BVLN13146 BVLN13347 BVLN18145
BVLN18905 BVLN18927 BVLN20309 BVLN25778
BVLN28626 BVLN33196 BVLN34091 BVLN38800
BVLN44672 BVLN50275 BVLN55927 BVLN66847
BVLN72418 BVLN75572 BVLN78338 BVLN81142
BVLN81608 BVLN85609 BVLN87940 BVLN90209
BVLN90738 BVLP01472 BVLP02515 BVLP03903
BVLP06091 BVLP17023 BVLP19170 BVLP19404
BVLP23654 BVLP25065 BVLP26601 BVLP31148
BVLP31997 BVLP35626 BVLP35937 BVLP43535
BVLP47457 BVLP50820 BVLP55033 BVLP55300
BVLP59177 BVLP62329 BVLP71407 BVLP75627
BVLP97603 BVLQ03492 BVLQ17110 BVLQ18278
BVLQ18417 BVLQ21529 BVLQ21646 BVLQ25610
BVLQ32222 BVLQ40599 BVLQ46567 BVLQ47031
BVLQ66995 BVLQ84014 BVLQ97563 BVLQ98518
BVLR07651 BVLR08160 BVLR11280 BVLR15065
BVLR19505 BVLR25486 BVLR30834 BVLR33702
BVLR47101 BVLR56706 BVLR57289 BVLR69740
BVLR74038 BVLR87170 BVLR96915 BVLR98133
BVLS00066 BVLS04887 BVLS05344 BVLS06298
BVLS09265 BVLS10912 BVLS13319 BVLS13799
BVLS15302 BVLS20116 BVLS22954 BVLS41668
BVLS44958 BVLS48538 BVLS48972 BVLS50489
BVLS52528 BVLS62928 BVLS67180 BVLS72539
BVLS78851 BVLS82202 BVLS84759 BVLS85009
BVLS87142 BVLS92921 BVLS96459 BVLS96749
BVLT03211 BVLT04625 BVLT08698 BVLT10004
BVLT20829 BVLT24719 BVLT25501 BVLT27416
BVLT32434 BVLT47165 BVLT49878 BVLT50590
BVLT53133 BVLT53488 BVLT57571 BVLT74424
BVLT74553 BVLT75540 BVLT76459 BVLT77337
BVLT79239 BVLT80079 BVLT87692 BVLT99916
BVLV01563 BVLV02343 BVLV12247 BVLV12774
BVLV14530 BZZZ70741 BZZZ87714 BZZZ92955
Match Winners Amount
1st Prize 400 €500.00