How to Play

Playing the Global Lottery

Global lottery is the safe and secure way to realize your lottery dreams from anywhere in the world. It is your chance to play a variety of global lotteries including those from the USA and Europe, as they happen.

Simply select your game, select your numbers and enjoy the thrill of playing real lottery! Trusted brands offer reputable options for guaranteed payouts, including the ability to withdrawal winning to start living the dream!

How it Works

Global Lottery allows you to participate in lotteries from around the world, from anywhere in the world! Regardless of where you live, you can enjoy the excitement of playing real lottery games from the comfort of your phone or pc.

Are you a winner? You’ll be able to quickly withdrawal your winnings from an online account, safely and securely. Play is easy:

  • Find a safe and trusted brand.
  • Select the lottery games you want to participate in.
  • Once you’ve selected your games, pick your numbers and wait for the lottery draw date.
  • Collect your winnings and become the next global lottery millionaire!

Playing From Overseas

Not living in the USA or Europe? No problem! This is the entire point of Global Lottery providers.

Without getting too technical, Global Lottery companies allow you to play the lottery outside of your home country without actually being there. They do this by allowing you to bet on the odds of a particular lottery combination (number selection), thereby rewarding you when your numbers hit. Just be sure to play with reputable Global Lottery firms and who offer payment from your country of residence and you’re all set to start playing the lottery!