Tips on Winning the Lottery

Tips on Winning the Lottery

Seven time lottery winner Richard Lustig has written a book on how to become more effective in your approach to winning lotteries. It is said that the chances of getting struck by lightning, dating a supermodel, or becoming president of the United States are all more likely than winning the grand prize. I’ll take two of those three options for sure.In his book he describes several tips that I will share with you.

Here are his top five tips:

1. Avoid “quick-pick”
The “quick-pick” method works in number sets, which means every number doesn’t have the same amount of luck one would perceive.
2. Use the entire board
Many people use birthdates and anniversaries when filling out their cards.
While your loved ones bring you priceless joy, using their special days to bring home the jackpot will likely mean you end up splitting the prize with 20-40 people.
Instead of just playing numbers 1-31, use all the numbers available.
3. Stick with your instincts
Lustig has a specific way to finding the numbers you feel most comfortable with in his book, but ultimately, once you pick the group that you think will work, stick with it.
If playing multiple cards, have some variety in the grouping of numbers chosen to maximize your odds.
4. Be consistent
Simply put: If you want to win a particular game, follow past and future drawings to get the hang of it.
5. Don’t get carried away
It’s important not to spend money you can’t afford to lose (i.e.: groceries, rent, etc.) on lottery tickets.
If you can only buy one ticket, or even 10, but not 100, that’s OK
So spend what you can comfortably afford to spend on lottery tickets and no more. No truer words have been spoken. Don’t risk what you don’t have on the dream of winning a jackpot.

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