Three New York Residents Win $16.7 Million

Three New York Residents Win $16.7 Million

Three New York Residents Win $16.7 MillionThe three winners from Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens received their prize on Thursday. The New York Lottery presentation was held at Resorts World Casino in Queens, NYC.

Warehouse Winnings

A Manhattan warehouse manager, Juan Mendez, 45-years-old, has won a sum of $4.7 million jackpot. Mendez and his wife supposedly buy traditional ‘Friday-after-work tickets’. The resident said that ‘that particular Friday I didn’t really feel like going out to buy our tickets’, but his wife convinced him to go.The winning numbers for the July 1 Lotto drawing were 20-32-40-46-52-54 and Bonus Number 16.Mendez talks about the winning to be ‘very emotional’. He opted for a lump-sum payment of $2 million. He plans to pay off outstanding debt and buy a house with a swimming pool for his family.

Deli Delights

Also among the winners is Eric DeBeauchamp, 24-years-old, who received a $5 million prize. DeBeauchamp, a general contractor of Centre Moriches, and his mother bought the scratch-off winning ticket after a leisurely lunch at a deli. He made the purchase at the Pitstop Pantry on Montauk Highway in East Moriches.DeBeauchamp scratched off his ticket while waiting for their food to find $5 million winnings. He talks about how he kept cool as he ‘didn’t want to draw attention to himself’. He received a lump sum of $3.3 million. DeBeauchamp wants to ‘buy a new house, take a few vacations and open [his] own business.

On A Whim

The third and final winner of the Lotto draw was Yangi Sherpa, who supposedly bought her ticket on a whim. This ‘whim’ lead the 26-year-old to receive the $7 million Cash4Life jackpot prize.Sherpa, an administrative assistant from Woodside, was given advice from her father to play Cash4Life before buying the winning ticket. She plans to buy a new house for her family with her net $4.4 million.Sherpa purchased her ticket at Pronto Lotto on 74th Street in Elmhurst. The winning numbers for the July 17 Cash4Life drawing were: 08-17-27-28-39 and Cash Ball 02.The winner’s final statement was “There are lucky people in this world, and today I am one of them.”