You Can Play and Win Online Lotto!

You Can Play and Win Online Lotto!

Today it is easier than ever before to play online lotto. You have so many options available to you as far as types of lotteries to play. You also have the added convenience factor to play online lotto games from your computer or favorite mobile device. You can be connected from virtually anywhere. Once you decide to make the move and play online, you need to decide which lottery is right for you. Which one will be your lucky jackpot to win. Of course you could increase your odds of winning by spreading your play across all of the lotteries available to you online.

Another way of increasing the winning potential is to take part in an online lotto syndicate. These are lottery ticket pools where players share the cost of tickets in order to purchase more of them. The prizes are shared equally among all the syndicate members. One in every three lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. Numerous huge jackpots have been won by players who participated in one of these groups. Probably the most famous syndicate win of all time is the ‘Three Amigos’. This US lottery syndicate who won a third of the record-breaking Mega Millions $656 million jackpot. Twelve bus drivers pooled together to win EuroMillions. They each took home a whopping €3.1 Million which was more than they would have earned in their buss driving careers. Another big syndicate win was a group of sixteen colleagues from New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services that bought a batch of lottery tickets together and won a $448 million in the PowerBall jackpot.

You can get your own group of players together to pool your money and buy more tickets. I suggest you work out of the details in advance as far as how the tickets will be purchased and where the tickets will be kept secure. This will avoid any potentially negative issues if one of your tickets is indeed the winning ticket. You can also play the syndicate online at OneLotto which is probably more simplistic and stress free. Simply choose the lottery you wish to play in the syndicate and select the number of shares out of 100 that you wish to own. A single share might cost you $2.95 and if one of the 100 tickets hits then you own a single share’s worth of the jackpot. So go online and get started on your way to playing and winning a online lotto.


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