Mega Millions Syndicate Winners

Mega Millions Syndicate Winners

It’s a fact that one in every three lottery jackpots are won by a syndicate. Because of their high success rate, syndicates have become a very popular way to play lotteries around the world. Players enjoy much bigger winning odds while splitting the cost of the tickets making it less of a financial burden. Many of the world’s biggest lotteries have been won by syndicate players.

The most significant win of the Mega Millions jackpot was by a group calling themselves the Three Amigos. They wished to remain anonymous when collecting their prize of $656 million back in March of 2012. We do however know a few things about them. They worked in education and that they are from Milford Mill in Maryland. The group is made up of one woman in her twenties, one in her fifties and a man in his forties. The youngest syndicate member is the person who actually purchased the tickets. After identifying the winning ticket, she contacted her two other Amigos and they got together to sign their winning ticket. The next step was to claim their millions, which is what they did not long after. They opted for the cash amount of $158 million each. Not bad for a few minutes work picking lottery numbers.

When the Three Amigos syndicate winners received their check from the lottery, they did it in disguise to mask their identities from the world. A little humorous but effective none the less. All three had big plans with what to do with their money. One Amigo talked about a European backpacking trip and another Amigo planned on paying for his daughter’s college and to buy a house for his sister. The other Amigo wanted to visit the Italian wine country. But none of them intended on quitting their jobs. They also all planned on buying new homes and investing their money. Very cool.

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